How do memberships work?

Memberships are the most cost-efficient option when tanning with iTAN

Memberships allow unlimited access to our Express or VIP beds depending on the membership you choose, and can be used at all 6 of our studios!

Upon signing, there is a one-time initiation fee of $9.95.

The membership fee is electronically withdrawn from a Credit card or bank account (processing fees may apply for direct withdrawal)

Visa, MasterCard & Visa Debit is accepted

We do not accept American Express

Your very first payment is prorated in store on the day of sign up, meaning, if you sign up on the 15 th of the month, you will not have to pay for the first 15 days of the month!

Memberships cannot be shared

There is no cancellation fee!

There is a 3-month minimum with all of iTAN’s monthly memberships.

How do I freeze or cancel my membership?

Simple, come into any of our 7 studios and our tanning consultants will process the changes with you.

We require 15 days notice prior to the first day of the following month to freeze or cancel an account

A freeze or cancellation can only take effect after the 3 month minimum

Verbal cancellations will not be accepted

We cannot process cancellations or freezes over the phone, it must be done in person

You can freeze for a minimum of 1 month, and a maximum of 3 months, for 99 cents a month (+ tax)

You can also process a freeze or cancellation much in advance if you are worried you will forget to do it

Does the month I sign up count in my 3-month minimum?

This would depend on the time of the month that you sign up. If you sign up before the 15 th of the month, that month will count as your first month. However, if you sign up after the 15 th of the month, than the following month will count as your first month.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Of course! Both an upgrade and downgrade have to be processed in store with one of our tanning consultants.

Upgrades can take effect before your 3-month minimum is over

Depending on what day of the month you decide to upgrade, you will pay the prorated amount of the new membership fee for the rest of the month.

Your new membership fee will begin to be automatically withdrawn on the 1 st of the next month

Downgrades cannot be processed until after the 3-month minimum

A downgrade would need to be processed before the 25 th of the current month in order to take effect the following month

There is no downgrade fee!

Are there any options for people who do not want to have monthly payments?

Yes, you also have the option to pay upfront for one year. If this option does not satisfy your needs, you can also check out our 1-month packages in our pricing menu!