Spray Tanning


What is the difference between the mystic and versa spa? How long do they last?

The mystic is made to darken your skin based on your natural undertones, while the versa gives off a deeper, more olive undertone. The versa will last approximately 3-5 days, while the mystic will last 4-7 days. If you are unsure of which one would be perfect for you, one of our tanning consultants can look at your skin and lead you in the right direction! Your skin condition and preparation will only help your tan look and last longer.

Do I need to make an appointment to tan?

Yes, we highly recommend that you book an appointment so you can relax and enjoy your session. We will accept walk-in clients if a booth is available and does not interfere or interrupt any scheduled appointments.

How do I prepare for a spray tan, and how do I maintain it afterwards?

For spray tan preparation, please do the following;

Shower and exfoliate within an hour of your appointment (water based products only)

No oil based products / moisturizers / make up / deodorant on your skin- you don’t want to create a barrier

Shave/ wax if needed before your session

Wear black loose clothing in case bronzer transfers

For spray tan maintenance, please do the following;

Moisturize on a daily basis starting the day after your spray tan

Avoid salt water and chlorine as it will strip the color

The more frequently you sweat, the quicker the spray tan will fade

Keep shaving to a minimum

How long do I have to wait to shower or work out?

Approximately 6-8 hours to shower and work out. Keep in mind, the more you sweat and shower, the quicker the spray tan will fade!

Why do some people turn orange?

Some people turn orange because of over-saturation. When you choose a color that is too dark for your skin pigmentation, you can get discoloration. Our tanning consultants are trained to choose the perfect color for you. We also recommend adding an enhancer to your spray tan to guarantee no streaking. It will also insure the spray tan is evenly absorbed in dry and oily areas- not to mention it will make your tan last longer!

Have you seen that episode of friends? Will that happen to me?

This is the all-time most frequently asked question! The answer is no! All of our tanning consultants are trained to instruct new clients on how to do the spray tan step-by-step. Also, both spray tans walk you through the process when you’re ready to start! The Spray tan unit used during that episode was also outdated. All iTAN locations have new and updated equipment.

Can I shave or wax after my spray tan session?

We do not recommend waxing after spray tanning because it will remove the surface layer of the skin, which will strip the spray tan. In terms of waxing, we recommend keeping it to a minimum. The more you shave, the more you will strip your tan away!

Will the spray tan dye my hair and nails?

No, the spray tan will not dye your hair. As soon as you take a shower for the first time, the solution will wash away from your hair, and we also supply hair nets to protect it for the most part. We also supply baby oil in the room to protect your finger nails and toe nails.

Why do the bottoms of my feet turn orange?

During your spray tan session your feet absorb all the solution remaining on the base of the spray tan unit. To prevent this we recommend you use ‘Sticky Feet’ which is a disposable protective covering that is applied to the base of your feet during your spray tan session.

Will body hair affect the development of my spray tan?

It will not affect the spray tan as long as you don’t shave or wax it afterwards. Otherwise, the spray tan will just develop through it or around it!

Will a spray tan prevent me from burning?

No, this is a common myth. A spray tan is temporarily, and does not create a base tan! Use protection when spending time in the sun for long periods of time, because it is more difficult to detect a burn under a spray tan!

Are spray tans harmful for my skin in any way?

Everything is safe in moderation. Both spray tan solutions are made with mostly natural ingredients; however, there is a small percentage of DHA in both. DHA is a delayed bronzer that works with the proteins in your skin to make you darker over 6-8 hours. Keep in mind; you are not ingesting the solution. If you are concerned, we do have eyewear and nose plugs to protect your mucus membranes.

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