Tanning Myths


I do not need protective eyewear if I close my eyes.

Not true! Your eyelid is only about half a layer of skin. UV rays penetrate between 1-2 layers of skin. Eyewear is required to be worn by law.

Will a spray tan prevent me from burning?

This is a common myth. A spray tan is temporarily, and does not create a base tan! Use protection when spending time in the sun for long periods of time, because it is more difficult to detect a burn under the spray tan!

Is it true that some beds can’t burn you?

No, this is impossible. In reality such a bed wouldn’t work because both UVA and UVB are needed in order to produce a tan, however small the levels of UVB may be, it is still needed to stimulate the melanin.

Does the hotter the bed mean the darker the tan?

No, heat has nothing to do with the tanning process. All our beds are air-conditioned, so you will feel cool and comfortable and still get a dark tan!

Does the mist in your tanning beds make me tan quicker?

No, the mist is simply for comfort!

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