Megan T.

iTAN Client Story & Pictures by Megan T on her Skin Condition

In the Winter of 2015, I found myself in an examination room for the third time, blankly staring at a doctor who was busy flipping through the thickest medical book I had ever seen. Finally, she stopped on a page and calmly spoke, “now I am not going to show the picture, because I do not want to scare you, but I know what skin condition you have”. Finally, after three doctor visits and two misdiagnoses, right then and there I was told that I have Guttate Psoriasis. Naturally, my first reaction was “how do I get rid of this immediately?” Being a twenty-year-old female has its challenges already, and having a skin condition that has the potential to cover my entire body would be enough to put me over the edge. To make my day then even worse, hearing that there is no cure to psoriasis and that there are only ways to manage it was terrifying. For those of you that do not know, psoriasis is a genetic skin condition that comes in many forms. It can appear at any age, but typically makes an appearance in one’s twenties. For me, a severe case of strep throat triggered a flare up all over my body. Guttate psoriasis is the least common type and looks different than the common patch psoriasis that is typically found on one’s elbows and knees. Guttate psoriasis appears as small red, itchy, scaly dots that cluster together anywhere on the body.

A week after my diagnosis, I was referred to a dermatologist. After taking one look at me she said, “I hope you are vacationing down south sometime soon, sunbathing is the most effective way to manage psoriasis”. Sadly, being in the middle of university studies, travelling to a sunny destination was not an option for me. The little hope I had was shattered. After shutting down the sunny vacation idea, the dermatologist mentioned that indoor sun tanning would provide me with relief. At the time of my diagnosis, I had just moved into an apartment across the street from an iTAN location. This move is something I now refer to as a “blessing in disguise”. Finally, it seemed as though I may be on a road to improvement.

At a very low point in my life, I slowly picked myself up bit by bit. I can confidently say that I have iTAN to thank for that. I am beyond grateful for the services that iTAN has to offer, most importantly, I am thankful for the staff. In every way possible, they went above and beyond to ensure that each visit was an 11/10 experience. From the initial interaction when I entered the salon to the moment I walked out the door, I always felt at home. During my first visit to the salon, the consultant greeted me with a warm welcome. She asked if I was a new client, when I told her that I was she came around from behind the counter and introduced herself. Before explaining the services and packages, she offered to give me a tour of the salon. While showing me one of the tanning rooms she asked if I was tanning for a particular reason or occasion. What I appreciated most about this interaction was that the consultant had thought ahead to what I might say, she provided me with a safe, private space for me to share a reason that might be personal. She took the time to ask me privately and not in front of a waiting room full of people.

After explaining my battle with psoriasis, the consultant determined what tanning beds would provide me with the most relief. She recommended a package that allowed me to tan as much as I wanted with a low monthly cost. The consultant was sensitive to my needs by taking the time to personalize my account with notes explaining my skin condition. This was so that when other consultants were working, they understood why I was tanning, for how long and the beds that were the best option for my skin. Before iTAN I had no previous experience of tanning, I had even little knowledge of the benefits of using lotion. The consultant went above and beyond by asking me a series of questions to determine my skin type. From this, she chose a selection of body and face lotions for my sensitive skin. The variety of lotions that iTAN offers is incredible, and the staff are immensely knowledgeable about the different ingredients and benefits of each product. The staff would frequently check in to see if I was enjoying the services and if I was seeing improvement with my skin. Since starting with iTAN I have not had a psoriasis outbreak in two years, not only does this make me beyond ecstatic but I also have the pleasure of enjoying all the other amazing benefits of tanning.

I initially chose iTAN because I needed relief for my skin condition. I continue to choose iTAN because of the incredible selection of services, professional staff, welcoming atmosphere and well-maintained equipment and environment. The best way to describe iTAN is a luxury tanning experience, at affordable rates with state of the art equipment. From my first visit to an iTAN salon to now, the impeccable customer service has not changed one bit. At each location, you will find a team of knowledgeable, warm and enthusiastic individuals that are eager to welcome you the moment you walk through the door. Also, behind the scenes is a team of dedicated professionals that work hard to ensure their clients are enjoying pristine equipment and a clean environment. I have since moved away from Ottawa, but I continue to make a visit to iTAN a priority when I return to the city.












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