New to iTAN?

Do I need to be a member?

No, we welcome all tanners! Although memberships are the most cost-efficient way to tan with iTAN, we offer other options as well. If you would like to tan for a couple of weeks we offer 30-day packages that range from $70-$130 depending on the package you choose. If you only want a couple of sessions, we also have convenient point packages that allow you to tan in any of iTAN’s sunbeds at a preferred rate. If you would like 1 single session, we do offer affordable single sessions. iTAN can cater to everyone’s needs!

Note: Effective June 1, 2019, iTAN will be a cashless business.
We accept Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX); Smartphone wallets, and Debit Cards


How do memberships work?

Memberships are the most cost effective option when tanning with iTAN Studios. Depending on the membership you choose, memberships allow access to our Express sunbeds, VIP sunbeds and/or private Sunless tanning booths.

Monthly membership fees are electronically withdrawn from a Credit card or VISA Debit on the 1st of the month. Visa & MasterCard Credit cards; Visa & Mastercard Debit are accepted. We can not accept American Express Credit; RBC Debit; Virtual Cards; or Prepaid Credit Cards for monthly membership fees. We do not  accept cash as we are a cashless business.

Members are responsible for contacting to report a lost or stolen card and to provide new payment card information. Members also have the option of updating the new payment card information in-store by signing a Change of Payment form with an iTAN staff member.

Our billing cycle starts on the 1st of the month and ends on the last day of the month.

Memberships cannot be shared.

Memberships are eligible for cancellation once the 3-month minimum commitment term has passed. Members are required to complete and sign a Cancellation Form in-store with iTAN staff. There is no cancellation fee.  Memberships can be frozen as opposed to cancelling for only $3 a month. The benefit of this option is to lock in your monthly rate.

Details are explained in-store or email

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes! We recommend the “freeze” option because it locks in your current monthly rate and avoids having to repay the set-up fee.

There is no cancellation fee and memberships can be frozen for $3 a month in order to lock in your price.

Memberships are eligible for cancellation once the 3-month minimum commitment term has passed.

Details are explained in-store or email

How do I cancel my membership?

You will need to sign a cancellation form (at an iTAN location). All memberships have a 3-month minimum commitment term, so you must complete your 3-month minimum commitment term before you are eligible to cancel your membership.

Any outstanding payments must be settled prior to cancelling your membership.

Please email if you have questions regarding your membership billing date and your cancellation cut-off date.

iTAN does not accept verbal, voicemail or social media messages as a cancel request. A cancellation form must be signed with a tanning consultant. 

iTAN does not monitor voicemails and suggests emailing if you have an account request.

We recommend the freeze option vs cancelling. Freezing your membership is like putting it on hold so you can start back up anytime with no set-up fee. It also locks in your monthly rate so you don’t lose the deal you currently have!

Does the month I sign up count in my 3-month minimum?

Yes, your initial payment counts as your first month of the 3-month commitment.

Details are explained in-store or email

Can I share my membership?

Memberships cannot be shared or transferred. Each Client must tan on their own unique account.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Yes! An upgrade or downgrade form must be signed in-store with one of our tanning consultants.

You can upgrade your membership at any time. When an upgrade is requested during the current billing cycle, a prorated amount must be paid in store for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

Downgrades can be made after the three-month minimum commitment term, but will not take effect until the next billing date. A downgrade form must be submitted no later than the 15th of the month in order to process the request for the next billing date (if the billing date falls on the 1st of the month). There is no fee to downgrade your membership.

What other options are available if I do not want to have monthly payments?

Our 30-day package and point package would be your best option. Packages can not be split or shared. Memberships are by far the best money
saving option.

COVID-19 Update

Memberships and payments that have been suspended due to Covid-19 will be reinstated as of June 22nd, 2020 upon our reopening.

Why Choose iTAN?

  • Proudly offering tanning options in Ottawa for over 20 years
  • 50 Premium sunbeds across our Ottawa locations
  • 18 Premium spray tan booths in Ottawa
  • Award-winning tanning studio
  • Impeccable studios designed to ensure you have an enjoyable experience
  • Staff are all Smart Tan certified ready to help you choose the best lotion and tanning option for your skin type
  • Clean, controlled indoor environment for beautiful, flawless tans all year-round