Sunbed Tanning


At iTAN Studios the benefits that sun tanning and UV light have to offer started at a young age for the CEO and Founder, Anita Vallati. Diagnosed with a weakened immune system and low energy levels, Anita Vallati turned to Sunbeds to improve her health and life. Based on her experience and the health benefits realized from the moderate use of UV light (including increased levels of Vitamin D) Anita opened iTAN Studios.

Review our list of high-end professional sunbeds and discuss your needs with an iTAN tanning consultant. And take a minute to watch this video to help understand the effect from sunbeds on vitamin D.



KBL7900 – VIP Bed

Prestige 1110 – VIP Bed

Sunselect – VIP Bed

Magic – VIP Bed

Open Sun 1050 – VIP Bed

P90 – VIP Bed

iSun – VIP Bed

Soltron XL – VIP Bed

Soltron Blue XXL – VI

Cayenne – VIP Bed

Silver Bullet – VIP Bed

iDome – VIP Bed

Pure Energy – VIP Bed

Pure Energy 5.0 – VIP

Big Apple – VIP Bed

Tan Dome – VIP Bed

Lotus bed



Why Choose iTAN?

  • Proudly offering tanning options in Ottawa for over 20 years
  • 50 Premium sunbeds across our Ottawa locations
  • 18 Premium spray tan booths in Ottawa
  • Award-winning tanning studio
  • Impeccable studios designed to ensure you have an enjoyable experience
  • Staff are all Smart Tan certified ready to help you choose the best lotion and tanning option for your skin type
  • Clean, controlled indoor environment for beautiful, flawless tans all year-round