KBL 7900 – VIP Sunbed like no other


KBL 7900


Pure luxury and the latest technology along with refined details equal maximum performance. This KBL unit has 3  settings to choose a higher level of  UVB, UVA, or a balanced amount. The Higher UVB helps your body produce Vitamin D. This Sunbed will certainly have you feeling like you are on a sunny beach vacation.

The KBL 7900 features voice, air-conditioning aroma, aqua mist, and 40 powerful Ruby-Collagen-Boosters bring an increase of hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation, and detoxification to the skin.

  • Controllable Ruby Collagen Beauty Booster LED lights (know to help rejuvenate skin and reduce fine lines)
  • Controllable High-Pressure Facial Lamps
  • 3 different levels of tanning
  • Bluetooth connection(listen to your own music)
  • Air temperature control
  • 200 watt plus tanning system
  • Voice Guidance
  • Maximum 10-Minute Session

Merivale Location Only

Why Choose iTAN?

  • Proudly offering tanning options in Ottawa for over 20 years
  • 50 Premium sunbeds across our Ottawa locations
  • 18 Premium spray tan booths in Ottawa
  • Award-winning tanning studio
  • Impeccable studios designed to ensure you have an enjoyable experience
  • Staff are all Smart Tan certified ready to help you choose the best lotion and tanning option for your skin type
  • Clean, controlled indoor environment for beautiful, flawless tans all year-round